Friday, November 20, 2009


Head on over to Spoonflower and check out the awesome designs in their calendar contest. One of my art teacher colleagues has a lovely entry called Peace Pixie 2010 Some of my experiments are at this link. I have had to put off some of my art to rest my hand, so I dug out the big crochet hook and the big knitting needles and have been cranking out some scarves. It was fun using up my stash of yarn and doing some immediate gratification work! Pics to come some. I worked with no pattern and just played with what my muse was sending me. It was really fun,

Friday, November 13, 2009

An artist's hands

When you are an artist that uses their hands, what do you do when you have injured your dominate hand? I have apparently worn out all the cartilage in my right index finger joint nearest the tip. Osteo arthritis and a little early on the start according to the hand doc. He wants to shave down the bones at the joint to remove the spurs that have been forming, clean up the loose bits caused by bone rubbing against bone, and then fuse the joint at an angle so I can still use it for my art. He could fuse it in the straight position and it would look prettier but I want it to work better. So it seems a fifteen degree angle it is.

How important an artists hands are. I knew they were getting sore sometimes but I kept working thinking it was just like over exercising. I will get therapy on my hand after they take the pins out. The therapists is supposed to go over how to take better care of my hands when I am working. I will be unable to do anything with my right hand for a few weeks and then a few weeks more before I can start back with my stitching.

Maybe that will give me time to do some left handed blogging?