Saturday, August 01, 2009

Indigo burn

No, we did not burn any indigo--I am referring to the hint of sunburn I got during the indigo harvesting today. Rowland gave us a lesson on how to use the scythes to cut the plants, proper height for cutting to allow for the second growth, and how to lay out the indigo to dry in the sun. And Chinami was our charming host for lunch. It was fun to be with other artists from a variety of backgrounds to do something to help a fellow artist. I did get to take some photos and video but need to do some editing due to strong sunlight washing things out a bit. Tomorrow is the winnowing and I will work on getting more details and pics and video posted. I am thinking of doing a small planting bed of indigo to try now. The color range from the natural vat are so much better.

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