Tuesday, December 22, 2009


My poor blog has been sadly neglected of late. I had surgery to fuse the dip joint of my index finger on my right hand and am currently a leftie. No sewing, shibori, beading, knitting or any other of the things that bring me joy for the next six weeks. I have been really depressed about it, but I know in the long run I will get back to what I love and it will be without pain. I am studying up on arthritis and how to care for my hands. I am planning lots of projects in my head, but I am so fearful of losing them while unable to put them on paper. I find myself turning to typed notes using as many descriptive words as possible but it is not the same as capturing the pictures in my head. My dear hubby has been watching over my kakishibui to let off the excess gases so it does not explode. It is still fermenting away and hopefully I can do a test swatch in February. I am going to (if my hand is ready) stitch up a little bracelet using my plan for my niece's dress to test out the colors and technique.

I ran across another shibori book at JoAnns Fabrics---Mandy Southan's Shibori Designs and Techniqes. Some lovely work to study in this book. I also found a Japanes book on Amazon Japan that is now in my wishlist!

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