Monday, December 13, 2010

New Dressform

I am really excited.  My new dressform arrived today.  I am wondering if people give their dressforms nicknames or if I am being weird?  My other dress form, Bertha, is not my size and I am not emotionally attached to her.  She is just a tool for doing work.  The new dressform is my size and as I adjusted her to be like me, I felt this instant bond.  She is going to be my new best friend.  I just have to do a few things to make her more like my twin.  A little padding here and there and she will have this uncanny resemblance to me--minus a head of course.  Magzy is the nickname for my new dressform in honor of my online alter-ego.  Magzy is a wonderful burdundy color and I can hardly wait to start sticking pins into her!  Alas, she will have to wait a bit though as I will be starting on Addy's dress soon.  

I know I have not blogged for quite a while.  I was waiting and waiting for my kakishibui and indigo to do their thing and be ready to work with.  It was actually good to take a break for a while.  My stitching hand is much better now that it has been a year since the surgery.  I made small projects for friends and family.  I also designed a project for Stitch magazine that should be coming out in January.  2011 will be off to a good start after taking a bit of a break.

Bertha will be adjusted and padded to match Addy and when I need a break I can work on Magzy and create some things for me. 

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