Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another influence...

Another book I found in the bargain bin that freshman year of college ($5) was "The Art of Zandra Rhodes." She is like a modern day geisha! I don't think my parents were very happy when I dyed my hair black with purple and white streaks and the occasional hot pink. Or when I wore only black and white clothes, makeup and jewelry so that my art was my color. Ahhh, the fun of being an art student. When I am an old lady and my hair is silver I shall dye it hot pink again. It is just too harsh to bleach dark hair down so you can dye it a color. And it is kind of hard to pull that look off in a conservative community. But when I am old and a little crazy heh?

Zandra's textiles are amazing in how she designs her prints to use as printed and to be cut up and rearranged. The drape of her clothes are gorgeous and kimono-like. She has started doing purses with her signature prints as well. I better start saving up my pennies!

I love the mix of textures she creates with her designs as well as the play of colors.

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