Monday, June 22, 2009

More Miniature Kimonos

More of the miniature kimonos from my college years. I got two rolls of kimono fabric from Japan today. Ebay is great! The fabric is beautiful and I will get some photos posted. I think the one has a small enough pattern woven into it that I can use it for a miniature kimono. I want to try my hand at some miniature shibori for a miniature kimono.

The inside of this mini kimono is creating by spraying bleach on dry dyed fabric.(not recommended for indoors!)

The back and front show the tie dyed fabric is embroidered with french knots and couching stitches. I called this one "Earth" because it had a topographical feel.

This little kimono was called "Africa" and the zebra-like pattern was created by a glue print. Elmer's glue was traced onto cardboard in the pattern, allowed to dry and then printed with silkscreen ink on the fabric. The inside was tie dyed and then the outlines of the pattern were traced with Rapidograph pen--inspired by the sumi ink lines Kubota added to some of his kimono.
"Earth" and "Africa" both made it into a juried exhbit at Chicago's Textile Arts Centre. Yoshiko Wada was the curator/judge of "Kimono Show" and I got to meet her at the opening! That was really exciting as was meeting Akemi Nakano Cohn who's work received top honor. My two little kimonos got to reside in the window at the TAC and it was quite an honor to be there even if they had just scraped by getting accepted into the show.

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