Friday, July 10, 2009

Busy Days

Things have been busy in the Bullington household--keeping me away from studio time! I think the balancing act of home and studio has to be challenge for any artist and their families. It is no wonder so many artists ended up being alone. I have to give my dear hubby credit for putting up with my art habit, even helping me when needed. He at least understands my urge to create things and how that becomes a priority over dusting. So the house has gotten really dusty lately and we are in the middle of doing some late spring (yes, I know it is summer) cleaning. The problem with spring cleaning is that I find supplies or projects I had forgotten about and I get distracted from what I had planned to do when I have studio time. For example, I found some double point needles, sock yarn and an instruction book for knitting socks. So now I have some hats unfinished because I started trying to teach myself the magic of shaping toes and turning heels! My husband has suggested I make a "boom board" and get a timer to help me plan projects (both home and studio) and stay on task and manage my time better. I am drawn to the idea like a moth to a flame--afraid it will burn up all spontaneity. I long to be one of those organized people, but love how I can let go of the schedule and go with the moment. It is a real challenge. Pics of the socks in progress to come soon and back to finishing up Arrowmont posts!

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