Monday, April 05, 2010


Here is my machine knit scarf with the wooden balls rubber banded in. I wetted it out, and put it into a fuschia dye bath. It just seemed wrong. I quickly poured off the dye, rinsed the scarf and started over. I thought warm was the way to go, but seeing it floating in the dye bath made me think this scarf was more organic and needed to be an earthy color. What is more earthy than brown?
Brown it is! In the pic below you can see how it felted up nicely around the resists and the greyish brown I dyed it. A side benefit of the process is cool patterns dyed onto the wooden beads used as resists. I have some ideas for another project based on those,
With the resists removed, the scarf has this lovely bumpy "growth" on it. The rubber bands also resist the dye so each bump has a cream colored ring around it.
Up close it is like a landscape of yarn.
The backside is really interesting too.Now I need to decide if it is finished or if I should play with some needle felting to embellish it? I am going to crank out some more scarf blanks on the knitting machine this summer to get ready for the winter season. I really loved how the Fisherman's wool felted up.

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